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Education is our primary focus, while utilizing Controlled Environmental Growing to  maximize Organic Hemp cultivation. Created in partnership with NC Organic Hemp, we cultivate, consult, educate, manufacture, sale, and produce a variety of hemp strains and products.   With over 20 years of experienced farming, our techniques, services and products are geared towards educators, micro-farms, the public, small landowners/farmers, and investors. 

H.O.T. is pushing for the fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp and it's opportunities in agriculture and in the marketplace. We are dedicated to industry development and the accelerated expansion of the hemp industry, as to the many benefits that it offers


Industrial hemp has been a source for processors to produce a variety of products used worldwide for centuries.  Whether it's fiber, textiles, body care products, paper, food, or even building materials, hemp plays a vital role in today's society.

Over 30 nations currently allow the growth of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity, which is further sold on the world market.  In the United States and North Carolina, production and growth of hemp is controlled strictly under laws.

Why choose HempOverTobacco?

We are the only USDA certified micro-marketing farm utilizing Controlled Environmental Agriculture in North Carolina.  Tap into over a decade of expert controlled hemp growers and learn the many benefits of the hemp plant.  Our network of Carolinian experts and hemp pioneers offer an invaluable knowledge base from seed to sale.

Utilizing Controlled Environmental Agriculture, our hemp growers produce some of the finest boutique flower on the east coast.  All of our flower is grown organically and free of mold and pesticides.  We offer third party and anonymous lab testing to ensure flower grown is below the legal limits of 0.3% THC


We have something for just about everything.  Whether you're dealing with pain, inflammation, dietary concerns, insomnia, lack of focus, mood difficulties, etc.  Visit our store or contact us to see how full spectrum hemp products can be benefit your life!

Athletic Supplement

Dietary Supplement

Sleep Aid

Mood Regulation

and much more...


"The people at Hemp Over Tobacco rock.  They are so genuine and always listen to your needs.  Their hemp oil has helped me so much because I suffer from a lot of pain and mental health problems"

"My boss at work bought some hemp oil for his mother that is 80 something years old.  She has arthritis real bad and said the oil has really helped and minimized the pain"

"The hemp plant in general has helped so many people, whether it's the oil or flower.  A lot of people are just educated and misinformed on how it can really help"

"I've used Hemp Over Tobacco's roll every since it came out and I must say it works.  I've used it on my back and my foot for pain.  The pain actually goes away.  I've found out though the more that I use it, the more that it is in my system and I've seemed to not experience pain at all"

"The tincture helps me out so much in the morning.  It seems as if it actually affects my day.  It's like a boost of energy"

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