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Buy Hemp Topicals at a Local Hemp Dispensary and CBD Store in North Carolina

Did you know that over thirty different nations allow the growth of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity? In the United States, and here in our home state of North Carolina, the production of hemp is extremely controlled. Laws are strict about what we can produce and how we can expose others to the valuable plant that is hemp. Hemp can make you happier and healthier. It has the potential to reduce pain and inflammation. It can help you sleep better and even help you regulate your mood. At Hemp Over Tobacco, we sell hemp topicals in our hemp dispensary. Our CBD store complies with all of the nation's requirements including keeping our THC levels below .3%. What that means is that you can use our products without worrying about triggering drug tests or having to be concerned about psychedelic effects. Our products have minimal THC, so you don’t have to suffer the side effects.


When you buy from us, you can be sure that we have grown the highest-quality organic product. We welcome anyone who is over the age of 18 to come to our website to check out our stock and services. Our hemp topicals come in a variety of scents and sizes, so you can choose the one that is right for you. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and we would be happy to help you understand the various hemp strains that are used in our products today. If you are interested in starting up your own micro-farm, we can also help you learn more about Controlled Environmental Growing. With an incredible controlled environment, it is possible to grow hemp all year round. As a result, we have a crop that never stops giving. Crops that are left in a typical environment are at the mercy of the weather conditions and local environment. That is not the case for our plants in North Carolina. Year-round crops mean higher-quality products, too.


Whether you are just looking for a place to buy hemp oil or you are interested in cultivation, we are happy to welcome you to our website and would love to speak to you more about hemp. You can reach out to us on our online chat room if you need immediate help. If you are not interested in talking to a chat agent but would like to get in touch with someone else in the company, please fill out a contact form with your name and contact information as well as a short message. We will get back to you as soon as we can and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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