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Buy Hemp Vape and Hemp Cartridges Near Me to Experience Wellness in NC

As one of the premier growers of hemp in North Carolina,we at Hemp Over Tobacco are proud to say that we educate people on the use of hemp in daily life. We grow our hemp with a special process known as Controlled Environmental Agriculture. With this method, it is possible to grow hemp all year and it to harvest its flowers at almost any time. On top of this, our products are organic and safe to use. We always follow strict guidelines set by the US government and the state of North Carolina. For example, our oils all fall below the THC limit of .3%, so you can use them legally at any time.


Are you looking for hemp cartridges near me or want to learn more about hemp wellness near me? We can certainly help with both. If you want to buy a product containing hemp, please click through to our hemp store. We have tinctures, hemp vape, rollerballs and more for our clients. We ship products quickly to your front door, so if you can’t find hemp cartridges near me, we can help.


If you want to learn more about how hemp can help you feel better, consider that it has been used to reduce inflammation, pain, insomnia and even to help control mood disorders. The way you benefit from hemp may be different from someone else, but we would love to send you a product so that you can try it for yourself. We believe that our organic, disease-free product is the perfect one to try, especially if you are new to CBD products.


We focus on cultivation and education at Hemp Over Tobacco. We want you to know everything that goes into each crop, so that you can make a smart decision about your health and the products you use.


If you are looking to start your own micro-farm or want to learn more about hemp and its many uses, we encourage you to send us a message through our contact form. We also have a live chat that you can use if you need help with an order or would just like to speak with someone about the website. If you choose to send us a message through our contact form, please leave us information that will help us get in touch with you. For hemp wellness near me, look no further than our online shop and community. We look forward to speaking with you about our products and hope that we will be able to give you better insight into our organic hemp and the processes we use for cultivating this important crop.

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